About This Service

We work with governments, smallholder farmers, small/medium-scale agro-processors towards improvements in the agricultural sector of the economy to cub un -employment and boost the economy.
Farm market; this component is to enhance the profitability of smallholder farmers and small/medium-scale agro-processors by improving their access to markets and their capacity to add value to locally produced /raw materials.

To enhance smallholder farmer productivity on an economically and environmentally sustainable basis.

Outcomes from this component, in the form of increased volume and quality of marketable produce, feed directly into the Agricultural Market Development Component.

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Why Work With Us

Discovery Concept Interlink Nigeria Limited aims to provide efficient and effective services to our clients at affordable cost and to deliver each services within budget and agreed time frame.

Our mission is to lead in quality, ethical business, social responsibility and win -win partnership.

Our Objectives

  • To satisfy the needs of our clients by providing value on their service investments.
  • Provide quality workmanship, by employing exceptional people.
  • We keep to schedule and budget.
  • We assure our clients of exceptional services by working to understand each client's particular needs and deliver contracting services and specialty management solutions that will add value to their business.
  • Maintaining the highest level of quality and safety.

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