We work with governments, smallholder farmers, small/medium-scale agro-processors towards improvements in the agricultural sector of the economy to cub un -employment and boost the economy.
Consultancy Services
We provide consultancy service in most sector of the economy, in this we are always a step ahead of our client to bring their needed solution as at stipulated time.
General Contracting
General contracting has been a main service undertaken by Discovery Concept Interlink Nigeria Limited since its establishment in 2007.
Haulage & Transportation
We undertake haulage services for our clients and this we do with efficient capability to arrive at the point of delivery in the stipulated time without a break or diversion of goods.
Import & Export
We engage in import and exports of works, goods and services of all types in any part of the world for our clients.
Oil & Gas
Working with our technical partners with over 20years experience in the field, we provide solutions for the oil and gas sector in the areas of pipeline, subsea and process engineering, procurement and supply chain, and making sure we have a safe work place and environment.
We engage in rural electrification and installations of transformer, we have our man power that are up to date in installation procedures .
Procurement and Supply Chain Management
We’re helping many of our clients transform their procurement practices, rethink how their supply chains are managed and reduce risk in their commercial transactions – leading to optimal efficiency, reduced costs, improved performance and greater accountability.
Sustainability and Environment
We provide a comprehensive range of services to help organizations to characterize, assess, quantify and manage their relationship with the natural environment and to prepare for a changing climate.

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